Project for Rosangela Music Center in Zambia

We are based in Hillside, Mazabuka, the Southen Province of Zambia in the Southern part of Africa. We stay in a quiet and good-atomosphese compound. 


The purpose of the project is to enhance children's good moral and character building in the vulnerable children's lives through music and music therapy. We also have these purposes; 


・Keeping them busy with music activities from bad habits like alcohol and any king of drug; 

・Discovering their talents through music and art and; 

・Preparing them to go to school


Our activities 

 At Rosangela Music Centre, we meet vulnerable children three times a week from 14:00 to 17:20 doing these activities;  


・Teaching basics of music such as notes, pentagrams, scales, piano, vocals, vows

・Preparing tests for the skills they acquired

・Teaching how to play instruments such as the guitar and drums 

・Teaching how to dance

・Teaching how to make poetries 


We would like to organise the followings as the project develops:


・Traveling during holidays

・Teaching other subjects


We also would like to have more volunteers and ideas and wisdom for more assistance. 


Please contact us on and Italian) or nagisa.nakawa(@) Japanese and English) for more information.